aggravate a problem

aggravate a problem
Военный термин: обострить проблему, обострять проблему

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  • aggravate — verb 1》 make (a problem, illness, etc.) worse. 2》 informal annoy (someone). Derivatives aggravating adjective aggravatingly adverb aggravation noun Origin C16 (earlier (C15) as aggravation): from L. aggravat , aggravare make heavy . Usage …   English new terms dictionary

  • aggravate — verb (T) 1 to make a bad situation worse: Their debt problem was aggravated by a rise in interest rates. 2 informal to make someone angry or annoyed: Stop aggravating the cat! aggravating adjective aggravatingly adverb aggravation noun (C, U) …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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